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 Applications Closed [ READ AGAIN ]

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Applications Closed [ READ AGAIN ] Empty
PostSubject: Applications Closed [ READ AGAIN ]   Applications Closed [ READ AGAIN ] EmptySat Aug 29, 2009 4:06 pm

Please Note : Applications are now closed. The only way you will need to apply is when someone from within the clan has referred you to apply for the clan as an invite.

Please post with title: "Application: Name". Then copy and paste this form and fill it out.

1. Names (list all past and current aliases)?
2. Age?
3. State/city (Rough location)?
4. Were you referred by someone in x2, if so who was it?
5. How long have you played UrT for?
6. How often do you play UrT?
7. previous (or current) clans?
8. Why do you want to join x2| ?
9. Preferred gear setup?
10. Any particular specialties (strengths/weaknesses)?
11. What servers do you usually play on?
12. Which gametype do you play most?
13. Any demos of yourself in game (please link them)?
14. Microphone setup?
15. Msn Address?
16. X-fire username?
17. Other relevant info?

Referred does not mean you're given the website. Referred means a clan member specifically suggested you should join, they gave you the website because you asked.
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Applications Closed [ READ AGAIN ]
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