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 Welcome To The New Beginning

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Welcome To The New Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Welcome To The New Beginning   Welcome To The New Beginning EmptySat Aug 29, 2009 4:13 pm

You are witnessing the next generaton of hardcore gaming.

Already the name of x2 Gaming is hitting hard and clans are getting worried.
We have such impressive power and will over come any objects in our way.
We will finish the best clan 4.1 has ever seen.

The clan was founded by Chillcardi / Drake.
Contact him via Personal Message on Forums.

These forums are public so feel free to come in and have a friendly chat with us a cyber cup of coffee Wink on the house.
We hope to scrim / war alot and be successful in comps to come.

Please keep all abuse to a min level if you violate this rule you will be suspended or perm banned.

Thank You
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Welcome To The New Beginning
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